Deb & Gail Behind the Scenes!

So you’ve seen our video on our second couple, Deb & Gail, and now it’s time to go…BEHIND THE SCENES!!!

Many of you may not know this, but Deb & Gail were actually the very first couple we filmed.  They were very patient with us invading their house with lights and cameras, but, hey, at least we brought pastries, right (

The shoot took place almost a year ago, now, but we wanted to take a little time to share some set photos with all of you.  Enjoy!

Here we have our Rainbow Roots director, Luiz Magana (left) and cinematographer, Brian Levin (center) getting Gail ready for her first close up.  Tension was high, but sharing their story was very important to both Deb & Gail, so they kept going until we got the shots we needed.

Here’s one of Luiz asking Gail the questions for the documentary while checking the sound on her microphone.

Here’s Gail taking a minute to collect her thoughts.

We filmed Gail by herself first, while our production assistant J Paul hung out with Deb & Mollie in their basement.  Here’s a picture of Deb waiting patiently to get started amidst a forest of equipment.

Normally Deb tells stories from behind a computer screen or on stage, not in front of the camera.  She was a natural.

Brian was very careful about setting up each shot.  It took a bit of living room rearranging, but Deb & Gail were very calm about us moving around their stuff.

For most of the day, Mollie was downstairs in the basement.  After we finished with shooting most of the interviews, she went outside to play, and Brian decided to capture some of the action.

 Here’s all of us together just before we ate our celebratory cupcakes to toast the end of our first day of shooting.

And this, this right here is exactly why we do what we do.  Happy Friday, folks.  Check back next week for more info on our next couple, Armando & Scott!


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