Deb & Gail Part 2: The Making of a Family


When Life Kicks You in the Face, Sometimes Love Can Help You Back Up Again

We are proud to announce the release of the 4th entry in the Rainbow Roots Literary Series, Part 2 of Deb & Gail’s beautiful story!  Read about how they got custody of their adoptive daughter, both nearly died from severe medical issues, and how the depth of their bond got them through it all.

Relentless Medical Smack Down, or Surprise Families Are the Best Kind

The first few years of their marriage proved to be a period of hope, evolution, and growing domesticity.  The marriage
ceremony itself seemed to cast the shape of their lives in the mold they had been building since the early days of their relationship.  Neither of them ever quite fit into the outside world, and they treasured the feeling of absolute safety and trust between them.

Every night, Deb continued to read to her to sleep and Gail cooked fantastic meals when she had a night off from 
nursing at the Pride Unit at ChicagoLakeshoreHospital.  Once a year around the first of May, they snuck into a forest preserve to make love beneath the moon to celebrate Beltaine, a Pagan fertility holiday.  They took more spontaneous trips to Wisconsin for cheese, and a few in the middle of the night to check in on Gail’s teenaged daughter Brycee when Gail’s worry about her youngest got to be too much for her.

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