Gay Couple Adopt 12 Children

Esquire Magazine has recently named Steve and Roger Ham, a gay couple from  Arizona 10 Best Gay Dads of 2012. The family was first featured in the Arizona Republics article last year chronicling their efforts to adopt children.

Image by Michael Chow/The Arizona Republic

Excerpt from story:

“Gay dads, 12 kids are officially a family”
By Karina Bland-The Republic

Steven and Roger Ham, gay men raising 12 children adopted from foster care, were recently named to Esquire magazine’s list of the 10 best dads of 2012. But the two had no idea until it was pointed out to them.

They’re a little busy.

Steven spent six years at home taking care of the growing family. In January, he went back to work full time now that Olivia, the youngest, is 3 and eager to go to preschool like her siblings.

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