Next Installment of the Rainbow Roots Literary Series Drops Monday!

We at Rainbow Roots Headquarters are proud to finally announce the release of the next installment of the Rainbow Roots Literary Series on Monday, October 15th in our new serialized format!

We brought you the inspiring story of Darlene & Amirah, the family they built together, the many challenges they smacked directly in the face, and the laughter they’ve shared.

We brought you the touching story of Deb & Gail, how they found love when they never thought it was possible, the illnesses that nearly claimed their lives, and the unexpected family life that brightens their days.

Next Monday we will present to you Armando & Scott Part 1, a modern love story about to guys brought together by their Catholic faith and desire to make a difference in the world.  They’ve only been together 4 years, but you’ll fall in love with them as you read throughout the week about how they fell for each other.

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