Armando & Scott

Armando & Scott

 This cosmopolitan pair brings love into the 21st century. After meeting on MySpace being drawn together by a psychic’s prophecy and the strength of their Catholic faith, Armando & Scott now own a home, just celebrated their 4th anniversary, and use their free time to mentor struggling teens in their community.

Short Film

Coming in October 2012

Literary Series

Future Husbands:  The Story of Armando & Scott Part 1

It all started on MySpace, believe it or not.

On a boring Friday night in in Chicago in November of 2006, Scott, then 37, signed up for an account on the social networking site after being badgered by an office-mate for weeks, and quickly found Armando’s profile through a mutual friend.  The pair soon discovered they had quite a bit in common, but bonded, at least initially, over their shared Catholic faith.

Earlier that year, Scott started attending weekly mass with the roommate after over two decades of shunning his Polish Catholic upbringing.  Armando, then 31, had fully embraced his Catholicism.  After ending a 10 year relationship in 2005, he started began as the catechism instructor at his church, and involved himself as much as possible with his community in
Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.  more…