First Gay Marriage Proposal at White House

Matthew Phelps and Ben Schock
U.S. Marine Corps Captain Matthew Phelps and his boyfriend Ben Schock have made history by becoming the first gay couple to have gotten engaged at the White House. The proposal took place while on a holiday tour at the White House.

To read more on this article click on the following link.–abc-news-politics.html


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Another Moment in Gay History #16

Heya Folks! It’s not Wednesday, but we’ve got a great moment in gay history for you anyhow. This week we’re featuring an image from what looks like an underground dance club, and those people do not look happy to have their image captured. But if we could still lose everything just because of who we love, we might not be so happy about documentation either.

Check back next week for a new vintage image and please enjoy ANOTHER MOMENT IN GAY HISTORY!!


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Another Moment in Gay History #15

Heya Folks! We’re back from a record-breaking week with ANOTHER MOMENT IN GAY HISTORY!! Every Wednesday we release a vintage photo of LGBT couples in order to get a glimpse of LGBT life in other eras as part of our coverage of gay and lesbian couples.

Last week we released our 3rd documentary film, this one featuring our first male pair. A link is below, so take a gander if you’re of a mind, maybe peruse through our literary story on Armando & Scott, and don’t forget to check back next week for ANOTHER MOMENT IN GAY HISTORY!!


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Rainbow Roots-Armando and Scott Video

We are excited to release our third mini documentary video featuring Armando & Scott. This is a wonderful couple that we have had the opportunity to interview and to also befriend. They are a pair that bring love into the 21st century. After meeting on MySpace being drawn together by a psychic’s prophecy and the strength of their Catholic faith, Armando & Scott now own a home, just celebrated their 4th anniversary, and use their free time to mentor struggling teens in their community.

Rainbow Roots released a literary story on this couple that you can find at our website.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Rainbow Roots Project

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rainbow Roots has been blessed with a great year. We have met so many wonderful families and as a result, we have also made new friends. We are thankful for all of your support.

Big hugs to all our friends and your families.

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Coming Soon-New Video featuring Armando and Scott


After many weeks of delays, we are finally ready to announce the official release date of our new video featuring Armando and Scott. Our new video will be released next Tuesday November 27, 2012. We had originally intended to release this video in late July and then in late October. We have faced several editing and post production challenges which have made us post pone this video but wee are proud to the say that this new mini documentary is our best yet. 

If you can’t wait to meet this new couple, now is the perfect time to read their four part story titled “Future Husbands” part of our the Rainbow Roots Literary Series. 
Click on the following link to read their four part story.

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Another Moment in Gay History #14

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Each week we release a photo of a vintage LGBT couple as part of our coverage of LGBT families.  This week we have a more somber entry.  The chemistry between the two is obvious, but even more apparent is the risk they take by even allowing a photograph to record their time together.  Hope you enjoy and celebrate how far we’ve come; at least in some places, we can live our lives with a freedom that was unimaginable in the previous century.

Be sure to check back soon for an exciting announcement about our next video!

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