Deb & Gail

Together 16 years and counting, this writer and former nurse have gone from hardcore activists to supermoms. Though no stranger to adversity, their bond only grows deeper. Deb & Gail share stories of good times and bad and the connection between them that runs through it all.

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Literary Series

Deb & Gail:  A Story for Those Who Have Given Up on Love Part 1:

When stepping into the living room of the Lewis-Fowler family, one is immediately greeted by the inviting scent of old books and flourishing vegetation.  Were it not for the couches, the forest of houseplants, and a tumbled collection of shoes beneath a side table, their living room could double as an old curio shop, packed to the rafters with relics from their history:  the broom they jumped during their handfasting in 1999 and the framed quilling heart Deb, 44, made for Gail, 59, after the ceremony; two tri-folded American flags from both of Gail’s parent’s funerals and an antique thread spinning wheel belonging to Gail’s grandmother; a wooden carving of a woman in the moon they picked up on a trip to Lincolnwood and a bench, filled with family photo albums.  In the corner sits an antique chair given to Deb by her mother after leaving for college with a bright pink backpack belonging to their 9 year old girl, Mollie, plopped unceremoniously on the seat.  more…

Part 2