Meet the Families

Darlene & Amirah

Darlene & Amirah – After over 20 years together and raising two children, Darlene & Amirah are ready to share their laughter and their wisdom. This former carpenter and chef now spend their time being actively involved with their church and caring for their new grandson, Douglas and their god-daughter, Anya.

Deb & Gail – Together 16 years and counting, this writer and former nurse have gone from hardcore activists to supermoms. Though no stranger to adversity, their bond only grows deeper. Deb & Gail share stories of good times and bad and the connection between them that runs through it all.

Armando & Scott

Armando & Scott – This cosmopolitan pair brings love into the 21st century. After meeting on MySpace being drawn together by a psychic’s prophecy and the strength of their Catholic faith, Armando & Scott now own a home, just celebrated their 4th anniversary, and use their free time to mentor struggling teens in their community.

Wayne & Rick

Wayne & Rick – After meeting at church, this former minister and long-term attorney have spent the last 27 years shepherding the LGBT community through good times and bad. They served as role models of stability and family for countless people already, but, no matter how busy they get, they always make time for Friday night pizza night together.

Carol & Rita

Carol & Rita – While they struggled in their early years when LGBT people were only whispered about, this pair met during a pride celebration and fell in love. These days Carol is enjoying her retirement and Rita spends her days as a social worker, but even as they fend off their children trying to move back in with their moms, they never stop appreciating each other and always find time to laugh.